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Marvel Spider-man Head Pewter Key Ring

Spiderman Head Pewter Key Ring


Package Quantity: 1

Spider-man Head Pewter - a great product from Marvel is an excellent super hero toy doll. The product number for this is mispidermanovalpewter. A listing of features include includes hangtag packaging, made of pewter and highly detailed. The Spider-Man toy is 6.5"H x 2.5"L x 0.1"W. The warranty these toys come with is, no warranty. Should you need a good deal for this toy, click on the shopping cart link below.

The bite of an irradiated spider granted Peter Parker incredible, arachnid-like powers. Now you might be accountable for keeping your keys safe with these Spider-Man pewter keyrings! He had learned an invaluable lesson: with great power, there must also come great responsibilty! When he lost his beloved uncle Ben to a burglar, grief-stricken Peter vowed to utilize his amazing abilities to safeguard his fellow man.


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