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Marvel Ultimate Spider-man Power Webs Stunt Launch Spider Cycle

Marvel Ultimate Power Webs Stunt Launch4 Star Rating
Marvel Ultimate Power Webs Stunt Launch Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Power Webs Stunt Launch Spider Cycle Image 1
Marvel Ultimate Power Made By Spider-man

Incredibly good hero Marvel Ultimate Power , a great product from Spider-man. I certainly loved that the item has attach the rocket ring for cool stunt landings. Additional features consist of launch from the ramp with power webs and spider-man figure rides on the cycle. The UPC for this really good Spider-Man toy is 653569794165. It's dimensions are 9.02" Height x 3.19" Length x 12.01" Width.

marvel ultimate spider-man power webs stunt

Price: $11.45
Brand: Spider-Man
Model: A1505
UPC: 653569794165

Product Info

To shield the innocent and fight crime, Spider-Man at times needs a lot more than his web-slinging skills. When the battle calls for firepower, load one from the missiles in to the Spider Cycle's missile launcher. This Spider-Man figure comes with a cool ride that battles both on the road and more than it! Then flex and fire for awesome web-blasting action against the forces of evil! Blast off for crime-fighting Power Webs action with the Stunt Launch Spider Cycle! The Stunt Launch Spider Cycle can launch with the energy of Power Webs from the ramp, and it can do death-defying stunt landings with the included Rocket Ring!

Features List

  • Spider-Man figure rides on the cycle
  • Attach the Rocket Ring for cool stunt landings
  • Launch from the ramp with Power Webs
  • Stunt Launch Spider Cycle does awesome stunts
  • Missile launcher loads and fires with Power Webs
  • Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 9.02" Length: 3.19" Depth: 12.01"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 3.4" Length: 11.5" Width: 9"
  • Package: 0.95 lbs.

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