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Marvel Ultimate Spider-man - Mega Blaster Web Shooter

Marvel Ultimate
Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Mega Blaster Web Shooter Image 1


Package Quantity: 1

Wonderful to play super heroes with Marvel Ultimate ! Model Number 546882. I think you will like that the product has got this feature, feel just like your favorite web-slinging hero with the mega blaster web shooter. Other features include 2-in-1 blaster, comes with spider-man glove and shoot? webs? or water. It's 9.02" Height x 2.52" Length x 11.5" Width and weighs just about 1 lbs. We would like you to get the best price when selecting a toy.

Get ready to fight crime just like your favorite hero! Slip on your Spider-Man glove and strap your 2-in-1 blaster on your wrist, just like the masked web-slinger! It's just a matter of time before all the poor guys fall prey to your powers! If water isn't powerful enough, switch from water to web fluid and blast them with a “ web ”! Fill the refillable water cartridge and unleash a water blast at the enemy.


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