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Marvel Ultimate Spider-man - Power Webs Spider Strike Crossbow

Marvel Ultimate
Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Power Webs Spider Strike Crossbow Image 1


Package Quantity: 1

One of the several major features is the crossbow comes with 3 darts and instructions. Additional features include things like shoots up to 20 feet, spider strike crossbow fires web darts and store your darts on the crossbow. It's 7.52"H x 2.24"L x 12.01"W. Marvel Ultimate . For the greatest price on this Spider-Man toy and various other products, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Launch your own Spider Strike with this incredible Power Webs crossbow! You'll feel like a well-armed version of your hero, Spider-Man, as you fire web darts at targets up to 20 feet away! Pull back as far as you can for a long shot, and then fire your dart at evil! Is there any villain who can stand against the web-powered accuracy of your Spider Strike Crossbow?


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