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Marvel Spider-man Adventures Spider-man With Rhino Playskool Heroes

Marvel Spiderman Adventures Spiderman


Fun times to play super heroes with Marvel Spider-man . 653569671978 is the bar code for this toy. It weighs about 0.17 lbs. To get the best deal on this toy and other products, click on the market add to shopping cart button below.

Team up with your favorite neighborhood Super Hero for countless web-slinging adventures! With this 2-pack, the energy to decide is in the palm of your hand! Itâ € TMs an incredible matchup of power and wit! No matter what mischievous villains he meets, SPIDER-MAN is often ready to save the day! 2-pack of figures comes with tear-away character card. Who will prevail in the end: your heroic SPIDER-MAN figure or your villainous RHINO figure?


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