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The Amazing Spider-man R/c Speed-climbing Spider-man Figure

Amazing R/c Speed-climbing Figure5 Star Rating
Amazing Rc Speedclimbing Figure The Amazing Spiderman Rc Speedclimbing Spiderman Figure Image 1
Amazing R/c Speed-climbing

In my opinion, you will love that the item includes use the controller to make him go up, down, left and right. Other highlights include he even climbs upside down and figure comes with controller. The toy dimensions are 15"H x 3.5"L x 11.93"W and has got a weight of 1 lbs. The warranty on the Spider-Man toy is no warranty. We would like you to get the best price and service when acquiring a Spider-Man toy.

amazing spider-man speed-climbing figure one-of-a-kind wall-crawling

MSRP Price: $39.99
Price: $87.95
Brand: Spider-Man
Model: A0312
UPC: 653569746799

Product Info

The Amazing Spider-Man has one-of-a-kind wall-crawling ability that has produced him on the list of world's legendary Super Heroes! Use the remote control to guide the action as your R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man figure climbs up, down, around, as well as upside-down! You guide the action! Around! The figure turns a full 360 degrees. Remote control! R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man climbs like your favorite hero and performs cool wall-crawling stunts! With that much control, you can easily move the figure around objects on the wall. And when it's time to move in the speed of a hero, your R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man figure climbs walls fast! This remote control Spider-Man figure lets you produce your personal amazing wall-crawling Spider-Man action! It could turn as it moves or rotate as it stays in a single place. R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man climbs walls fast! Use the remote control to guide R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man in any direction you choose: up, down, around, even upside-down! Down! Even upside-down! Climbs Walls Fast! Climbs up! Your R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man figure clings to the wall and climbs!

You Guide the Action! (The figure may take up to 40 minutes to charge, but actual charge times will vary depending on use. A power-indicator light lets you know when the figure needs to be charged and when it's ready to climb. R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man clings to walls and windows, and zooms in any direction, even upside-down! The Amazing Spider-Man perches high above the streets, clinging to walls and climbing the sides of buildings as he watches over the men and females and city he protects. Activate the motor, place the figure on the wall or on a window, and get ready for iconic Spider-Man action! You can create your own wall-crawling Spider-Man action with this R/C figure that really climbs walls and climbs them fast!) With a remote manage that lets you guide the action, it's like getting the power in the Wall Crawler right in your own hands! When your favorite hero's carry out is done, plug the figure in to the remote control to charge its batteries for the next adventure.

Climbs Like SPIDER-MAN! The figure features lightweight plastic construction that's created with wall-crawling in mind. No outlets are needed to energy the figure. R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man clings to walls and dry surfaces, including windows. You can generate wall-crawling Spider-Man action! Charge the figure's battery by plugging it into the remote manage. The figure's eyes glow yellow when the figure is on and also the battery is charged, so it's easy to see when R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man is ready for action!

What's In The Box? Create your own wall-crawling adventures, just like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! Includes R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man figure, remote control and directions.

Features List

  • Incredible remote-controlled Speed-Climbing Spider-Man figure climbs walls and other surfaces as you control the wall-crawling action
  • Figure comes with controller
  • Use the controller to make him go up, down, left and right
  • He even climbs upside down
  • Pack: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 15" Length: 3.5" Depth: 11.93"
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 3.4" Length: 15.4" Width: 13"
  • Package: 1 lbs.

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